CIREX is a development partner and producer of high-quality precision castings in steel, produced according to the “lost wax” process. CIREX has built up a good reputation and recognition among international customers. In addition to being a supplier, we are also the “preferred development partner” for smaller steel components to various well-known customers.

Thanks to the completely automated production process, we satisfy the high standards of quality in the sector concerning product quality, delivery reliability, process stability and total cost of ownership (TCO).

Where We Work

CIREX’s activities are spread across three locations. In addition to the headquarters in the Netherlands (Almelo), there are two locations in the Czech Republic (Koprivnice). Altogether, approximately 280 people are employed at our organisation …

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The history of the current CIREX starts in 1947. In the physics laboratory of Philips in Eindhoven, an experimental wax model foundry was set up. In the United States (US), wax model casting (investment casting/lost wax casting) …

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Mission & Vision

We completely unburden our customers by being the best development partner and producer of complex high-grade steel components …

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Quality managementsystem

CIREX gives high priority to quality and works to improve its quality continuously (“Continuous Improvement”). This philosophy is fully implemented in the quality management system. Our locations in the Netherlands and …

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Delivery Terms & conditions

Unless agreed otherwise, CIREX BV delivers its products in accordance with the General Conditions of Contracting for European Foundries, Edition January 2012. A copy of these Terms and Conditions can be downloaded …

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