CIREX Foundry, The Netherlands

CIREX’s centre of knowledge and headquarters is located in Almelo. A team of specialised engineers is located here, along with product developers, metallurgical specialists, toolmakers, metalworkers, measurement technicians and X-ray technicians and other specialists.

The production in the Netherlands is a fully automated process. Thanks to this automation, we are particularly suited for the production of large to very large series of steel components. The foundry has a smelting capacity of 4,000 tons of steel each year. The steel components are developed in cooperation with the customer and are produced to order. The series size varies from 10,000 to 5,000,000 units per year. Coordination of the development (engineering, metallurgical support, rapid prototyping), production (casting, post-processing and assembly), project management and quality management take place in the Netherlands.


Bornsestraat 365
7601 PB Almelo

Postbus 81
7600 AB Almelo

T: +31 546 540 400