We completely unburden our customers by being the best development partner and producer of complex high-grade metal components.


The guiding principle is to unburden our customers completely – from product development to series production. The organisation’s focus is therefore on high product quality, short development times (time to market) and a guaranteed low ‘total cost of ownership’. In the long term, this offers customers product certainty and excellent delivery reliability for the lowest cost. We continually improve our high-tech casting process by continuing to invest in technology, people and company processes. Our greatest asset is our group of motivated and highly qualified employees. By daring to think out of the box and by always considering whether things can be done “technically better, differently, cheaper and/or more simply”, we arrive at the best solution for a competitive price.


Worldwide demand is growing for new, lighter high-tech metal products with complex forms. The rate of product development is also accelerating: product cycles are becoming shorter and designs more complex. Sustainability is increasingly becoming a design requirement, such that “net shape” components are becoming increasingly important. Suppliers are expected to contribute their thoughts to the smartest design for a competitive price/quality ratio. This means that, as a supplier of complex metal components, we must improve continuously in terms of our organisation, technology, company and processes. Only in this manner can we continue to satisfy the high demands and conditions set by the international market.