High Degree of Process Certainty With Casting Simulations

High Degree of Process Certainty With Casting Simulations

We estimate that more than 90% of the errors in casting occur due to design errors and that only 10% are actually attributable to production problems. Design errors can be observed in time using 3-D simulation software, and the design or the process parameters can then be adapted. This ensures that no problems arise during the production of the casting. And you are assured of high quality castings.

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CIREX uses the most modern software for performing casting simulations. A casting simulation is a 3-D model that simulates the entire casting process. Casting simulations provide a high degree of process certainty, prevent technical problems and ensure that a project does not encounter delays. The possibility of combining simulation software (“theory”) with the years of experience of our technicians (“practice”) provides many advantages and reduces your costs.


The high cost of faulty casts is also prevented. Prototypes used to be made to detect errors; these days this is done using 3-D casting simulation. The so-called ’trial-and-error’ procedure is now history. This saves you considerable time and money. The casting process and the cast piece can be optimised well using simulation software. It improves quality and reduces reduction costs considerably.