Developing high-quality castings in collaboration with our customers is our strength. We combine 50 years of experience and craftsmanship with today’s latest technologies. Our professional specialists are always searching for ways to do things better, more simply, quicker and/or cheaper. We have all of the required expertise at hand. If we are involved in the development of a new component at an early stage, we can improve the manufacturability of the product in series production and, with this, lower costs considerably.

Since components produced by the “lost wax” process have a great degree of design freedom, construction can be done ‘Near Net Shape’ (NNS). This allows components to be cast to maximum strength and with minimum weight. This has a positive effect on environmental aspects with respect to production and use. CIREX will be glad to inform your engineers about the possibilities of NNS fabrication.

customer demand

CIREX produces both large and smaller series of precision castings – from a few hundred to millions of pieces per year. The steel components meet high quality requirements and are cast with a high degree of dimensional accuracy …

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Project management

Strong project management ensures that your project succeeds and is completed on time. Thanks to our technical qualities and good project management we relieve you from the burdens of organisation. This saves you considerable time …

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product development

CIREX provides the most added value when we are involved as early as possible in the development of a new product: Early Supplier Involvement (‘ESI’). Our technicians think along with you about optimal product development from …

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total solution

CIREX delivers total solutions for precision casting in steel. We consider ourselves a ’one-stop-shop’ supplier and, if so desired, deliver a product that is completely ready to be built in. In addition to producing precision castings …

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tool development

To produce precision castings with the lost wax method, various tools are required. A new component starts with the development of a wax injection matrix. Wax models are injected using this matrix. Furthermore, various accessories …

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Product evaluation

Before CIREX starts the series production of a product, the pre-series products are first evaluated. These products are inspected internally at CIREX for their dimensioning and material properties, among other things. If so desired …

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