customer demand

CIREX produces both large and smaller series of precision castings – from a few hundred to millions of pieces per year. The steel components meet high quality requirements and are cast with a high degree of dimensional accuracy. The products usually have complex forms, differing dimensions and must satisfy product-specific requirements. Components can be cast in the desired steel alloy. The guiding principle for each new assignment is the request from a potential customer.

CIREX is generally approached by buyers or technicians when a new component must be developed or in the event of quality problems with a product already undergoing series production.

product request

For castings that must be newly developed, CIREX is an extension of your engineering department. It may be that the technical aspects of the desired steel component are already apparent and that the lost wax model method …

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Quality and/or technical problem

Are you having problems with your castings? Do you have problems with porosity, improper dimensioning, extreme product wear, etc.? Or does your product not stand up to occasionally caustic operating conditions? Then CIREX can …

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Delivery issues

Are you having problems with delivery times? Are products often delivered either too late or not at all? Are development and production taking too long or are you looking for a new partner who can achieve a rapid ‘time to market’? For both …

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Price level and tco

Are you dissatisfied with the price level that you currently pay for your precision castings? Do you think that your total cost of ownership (TCO) can be improved? Or do you think that price savings can be achieved by adapting the product …

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Logistiek CIREX


CIREX can deliver castings according to various logistical concepts so that the supply of your components aligns seamlessly with your production …

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