Delivery Problems

Are you having problems with delivery times? Are products often delivered either too late or not at all? Are development and production taking too long or are you looking for a new partner who can achieve a rapid ‘Time to Market’? For both existing products currently undergoing production in series and for the development of new components, CIREX is a proven, reliable partner.

The timely delivery of castings is of great importance for the production of semi-finished or finished products. Delayed deliveries lead to stagnation in your production. There is great uncertainty about lead times. The costs of this can be high. It also results in dissatisfied end customers because you are unable to meet your contractual obligations.

For products that must be newly developed, the period prior to market introduction is often short. Our organisational structure has been set up so that we can guarantee both rapid and flexible delivery times, allowing for the achievement of rapid time to market, if necessary.

What can cirex do for your campany?

Reliable Delivery

Timely delivery of your castings is extremely important for the production of your intermediate or finished products. Late deliveries result in production delays. Considerable uncertainty arises about turnaround times and this can cause costs to increase significantly. This is also the case when deliveries are on time but quality is questionable. This results in unsatisfied customers because you are unable to meet the agreed delivery times or achieve the agreed level of quality. CIREX is the right choice to prevent these problems and to be certain that your castings are delivered on time.

Quick communications and a flexible organisation are important preconditions for our customers to achieve rapid time to market. Correct and rapid communication among all the internal and external parties is essential for this. We ensure that business processes are improved continuously. This concerns, for example, the simplification of production, the elimination or removal of delays in the process, the acceleration of activities and parallel performance of steps throughout the entire process. For us, time to market means that we ensure that all activities are coordinated well with the customer’s production process.

Shortest Time To Market

In addition to delivery reliability, CIREX is making active efforts to shorten the development and production time of new components considerably. This allows you to introduce your new product on time and retain the lead over your competitors. We guarantee a short time to market (TTM).

Generally speaking, TTM is defined in various ways. At CIREX, ‘Time to Market’ means: the speed with which – after the customer’s release of the drawing – the first products can be delivered and the production resources are ready for production in series. In this context, TTM is just a few weeks. With the support of our engineers and professional specialists, we transpose your design in a short time into a robust product design suitable for production in large series.

This allows our customers to respond quickly to changing market conditions. We deliver added value in the form of flexibility, reliability and quality at low cost. With this, we contribute permanently to the improvement of your competitive position.

Flexible Organisation

Our international organisation is flexible and this means that you can respond quickly to unexpected situations. It also means that you can maintain low inventory levels, with a favourable effect on costs. Good communication with the customer is vital for well-organised production and reliable delivery. We make clear agreements and we keep to them. This gives your organisation certainty and peace of mind.

Delivery time issues: Far East

Producing in the Far East is often viewed as being cheaper and is therefore interesting from the standpoint of price. Unfortunately, in practice, this often disappoints. Recognisable problems include: long production times, wildly varying levels of quality, high transport costs and clearance costs, the need to maintain large security inventories, poor communication and non-compliance with agreements.

Problems with delivery times are extremely disadvantageous for your operations and for the continuity of the production process. This must be prevented as much as possible. With CIREX, you do not encounter these problems and you are certain of high-value quality castings that are delivered on time.