Product Request

If the functional properties of your steel component are known, we can inform you about the technical feasibility in the short term. In addition we can give an indication of the corresponding price level. When both conditions are met, your design (2D drawing, digital 3D model or prototype) can be optimized for our casting process.

Support during the design phase

CIREX can offer support if the functional requirements are not evident yet. Our engineers and specialists have the right technical knowledge and experience to advise you properly. They function as an extension of your organization. Our goal is to incorporate your technical wishes and requirements.

Choose the right production method

When developing a new steel part or when optimizing an existing component, it might not be directly clear which production method is most suitable. At this stage, several techniques and production methods will be evaluated by our engineers. When it appears that the lost wax method is most suitable, we will be happy to assist you.