product development

CIREX provides the most added value when we are involved as early as possible in the development of a new product: Early Supplier Involvement (‘ESI’). Our technicians think along with you about optimal product development from a production standpoint, for a product that meets all quality requirements. During the co-development phase, we try to eliminate unnecessary steps in the production process wherever possible, such as, extra treatments, heat treatments or assembly. This allows us to achieve considerable price reductions and a favourable price level (TCO) is guaranteed.

Our experienced engineers and professional specialists make sure that the design of your product is immediately suitable for series production. This makes it possible for you to introduce your product to the market on time. This guarantees a short time to market (TTM).

Functionality of the cast piece

The functionality of the cast piece and the application of the product are important principles in the development of a new component. By reasoning from the standpoint of functionality, the best technical products for …

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Dimensions and tolerances

With our experience and knowledge, we can provide you with professional recommendations concerning feasible dimensions and tolerances for precision castings (“lost wax” casting). We often see unnecessarily precise …

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Casting simulations

CIREX’s knowledge in the area of casting simulations guarantees a stable process. Determining the proper casting configuration during production is a relatively complex process and the results are not always known beforehand …

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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping – also called 3D printing, additive manufacturing or rapid manufacturing – is a production technique in which a digital 3D file is transposed into a physical product. It offers unique possibilities for presenting your product functionally and …

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