Product evaluation

Before CIREX starts the series production of a product, the pre-series products are first evaluated. These products are inspected internally at CIREX for their dimensioning and material properties, among other things. If so desired, destructive, non-destructive or microstructural analysis can also be performed.

In addition the components are delivered to the customer for evaluation. The customer can test the product for functionality, dimensions, strength, appearance and various other important parameters. Based on the results, it is determined whether the product is ready to be produced in series or if additional technical adaptations need to be implemented. High product quality is safeguarded by means of this intensive evaluation phase, as is a stable production process and a high degree of delivery reliability. All of this is combined with a favourable price level.


At CIREX, ‘measuring is knowing’ is an important aphorism. Once the first pieces have been cast, the product is inspected for its dimensions. In this manner, customers and CIREX technicians have a good picture of the dimensioning …

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Material Analysis

We use a spectrometer for the precise analysis of the chemical composition of steel. A spectrometer is an instrument for studying the spectrum of light and determining the composition of materials by means of …

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Destructive Analysis (DA)

To determine how strong, flexible or deformable a material is, or to determine its lifespan, products can be tested on the failure bench. Destructive analysis can be performed if the mechanical properties need to be known for the application …

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Non-destructive Analysis (NDA)

NDO comprises a large group of analysis techniques used to get an impression of the quality and condition of a product to be investigated. NDO does not damage the cast piece to be analysed, nor does it change it permanently …

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Microstructure Analysis

CIREX has its own metallurgical laboratory where the microstructure of the steel alloy can be analysed in detail. Metallurgical specialists at CIREX will be glad to help you with the interpretation of the analysis and recording the specifications …

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