Destructive inspection (DI)

To determine how strong, flexible or deformable a material is, or to determine its lifespan, products can be tested on the failure bench. Destructive analysis can be performed if the mechanical properties need to be known for the application of the casting. Afterwards the product is destroyed by the destructive test; it is no longer usable.

Regardless of whether a test piece is pulled apart (tensile tester), subjected to sudden impact loads (impact test) or exposed to a corrosive environment (corrosion test): a destructive test is the most efficient way of determining a material’s properties.


At CIREX, several destructive tests can be performed:

Tensile tests

CIREX has its own equipment for performing tensile tests. In a tensile test, a standardised bar is placed between two clamps in a tensile testing bench. Using a hydraulic or spindle drive, the bar is placed under stress and exposed to a maximum load until failure occurs. The results of a tensile test or illustrated in a graph, the so-called stress-strain curve.

Fatique tests, impact tests and corrosion tests

CIREX performs fatigue tests, impact tests and corrosion tests externally. The tests are outsourced to certified laboratories in our network. This way, you are always assured of reliable measurement results.