Tool Development

At CIREX, our own engineers produce the wax injection matrices, accessories and processing tools. This guarantees a rapid and certain start of the series production, also for complex castings. Because of our professional knowledge, we know exactly how the tools must be developed and produced. This guarantees you high product quality at an optimum price level.

A new component starts with the development of a wax injection matrix. Wax models are injected using this matrix. Furthermore, various accessories are used in the production process such as an adhesion template, sanding jig, inspection template and/or alignment jig. Depending on the geometry, the size of the series and the product-specific properties of the casting, the required accessories are developed.

Wax Injection Mould

The first step in the development of a component that must be cast with the lost wax method is the engineering and production of a matrix. This matrix is developed in-house at CIREX in the tooling department and is a “negative” of …

Accessory Tools

CIREX has the knowledge needed to develop product-specific alignment and calibration templates. This allows the casting to be aligned with great precision so that no finishing is required. Alignment and calibration are …