Total solution

CIREX delivers total solutions for precision casting in steel. We consider ourselves a ’one-stop-shop’ supplier and, if so desired, deliver a product that is completely ready to be built in. In addition to producing precision castings this includes finishings for cast pieces, the assembly of sub-components and the performance of heat treatments and surface treatments. After this, each component can be marked with laser engraving or cleaned if the component must satisfy a particular purity specification. Most of the activities are performed in CIREX’s own factories. External specialists are hired as necessary.

The great advantage that CIREX provides is that you purchase a completely finished product. This eliminates problems with the coordination of and communication with suppliers. This also applies to agreements concerning quality problems and product liabilities. By assigning a product to a single supplier, your contact person can always immediately provide information about the progress of all the products you ordered in the various phases of the production process.

This unburdens you completely and you are assured of high-quality precision castings. CIREX has the specialised in-house knowledge concerning finishings, heat and surface treatments and assembly. We also have a large network of suppliers, which allows us always to offer you the best price level (TCO).

Processing castings

Wax model casting is the casting process with the greatest dimensional accuracy. This is because the ceramic forms in which the liquid steel is poured at around 1600°C do not expand during casting and cooling. The precise tolerances within …

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Metallurgical support

Metallurgy is the study of ores, metals and metal alloys, and studying the properties and applications of these in technology. Metallurgy is part of materials science. When metals, alloys and ores are studied the chemical and …

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Heat treatments

In the steel processing industry, heat treatments must often be performed. Heat treatments are often applied after production processes such as rolling, casting, welding and deformations. These processes have …

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Surface treatments

Unfortunately, CIREX does not have its own facilities for performing surface treatments in-house. Although knowledge in this area is available in abundance, it turns out to be cheaper to use external suppliers. In recent years …

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A distinctive feature of the lost wax model of casting is a high degree of freedom of design. This allows components that consist of multiple parts to be conjoined into a single casting. This reduces the number of subcomponents to …

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Additional techniques

In addition to casting, heat treatments, surface treatments and finishing or assembly, CIREX also has the capabilities for cleaning (washing) and laser engraving your products. If these additional techniques are required for …

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