Additional Techniques

In addition to casting, heat treatments, surface treatments and finishing or assembly, CIREX also has the capabilities for cleaning (washing) and laser engraving your products. If these additional techniques are required for the delivery of a component ready to be built in then we can take care of this.


Since developments in the automotive and industrial sectors are increasingly rapid, ever more stringent requirements are being placed on the purity of components. Some customers demand purity/cleanliness of a higher level than is normally seen. To comply with these purity requirements at CIREX, components are washed in an industrial washing machine.

The question of whether CIREX can wash products is heard increasingly, especially among automotive customers. This is because the maintenance interval for cars and trucks is becoming longer and longer. While cars used to require an oil change after the first 1000 km, nowadays this happens only after 30,000 km. Due to the high degree of purity of the components comprising the engine and transmission, oil is contaminated much less quickly. This allows for a longer delay until the first maintenance. And there are countless other examples for which cleanliness is determinate for the quality, lifespan and cost level of a product or machine’s use.

Laser Engraving Machine

There is a growing customer demand for traceability of products. Customers want to know exactly when the products were cast, in which batch, or the item number of a particular product. To satisfy this demand, CIREX owns various laser engraving machines. Using these machines, we can laser etch the codes, item numbers or other desired information into the casting. Therefore you are always guaranteed good traceability.