Machining of castings

CIREX Finishing & Machining CZ

The finishing of cast pieces is done in the CIREX Finishing & Machining factory in Koprivnice CZ. Here, relatively simple machine finishes are performed, such as turning, milling, planing and drilling and tapping threading. If the machine finishes are too complex or if the tolerances to be achieved are too precise, then we call on our network of specialised processors.

This means you are always assured high quality, well-finished products that, if so desired, are delivered ready to be built in.


Sometimes, a degree of dimensional accuracy is required with a smaller precision tolerance than can be achieved with the casting process. In that case, we first look at the possibility of getting the product within the proper tolerance field by means of ‘alignment’ (calibrating, pressing). The advantages of this include lower costs because finishing processes and deburring are no longer needed and the production time is shorter. Through optimum use of the possibilities offered by precision casting, processing costs are often reduced or even prevented altogether.


However, if the required functional tolerances are extremely small, post-processing is still required. We always try to perform this at minimum cost. During the design phase, our engineers already take an optimum additional processing phase into account, along with establishing the right clamping points. For this, the most suitable processing machine is always carefully considered. If possible, the use of specialised tooling is kept out of the process.