Surface treatments

Unfortunately, CIREX does not have its own facilities for performing surface treatments in-house. Although knowledge in this area is available in abundance, it turns out to be cheaper to use external suppliers. In recent years, we have developed a large international network of specialised suppliers of surface treatments. This allows us to offer your surface treatment from the best parties for competitive rates. In this manner, CIREX can unburden you completely in the area of surface treatments, and your products are delivered ready to be built in.

A surface treatment or coating is a treatment in which an upper layer is applied on a substrate. There are multiple purposes for surface treatments:

  • improving appearance
  • protecting the surface from (damaging) external influences (corrosion) or
  • improving the adhesion during the painting or gluing process
  • changing material properties

For steel components, the surface treatments can be achieved with a galvanic, chemical or mechanical treatment. Since material is transposed in this process, it is sometimes also called building up a conversion layer. So whether a smaller or larger series of castings must be given surface treatment, we can provide you with advice.

customary surface treatments

Our metallurgical specialists know exactly what is involved with the treatment of metal surfaces and the application of a particular surface treatment. We will be glad to receive the technical information concerning the specifications that your treatment must meet. The most customary treatments are:

  • grinding and polishing
  • electrolytic polishing
  • tumbling
  • roto-finishing
  • pickling and passivation
  • varnishing
  • galvanising
  • zinc plating
  • chrome plating
  • nickel plating (chemically and galvanically)
  • powder coating
  • tin plating
  • chromate conversion coating