CIREX is one of the largest steel-casting companies in the world and casts using the “lost wax” method. With this method, lost wax castings can be produced with a high degree of dimensional accuracy and complex shapes. This method also provides engineers with a significant degree of product design freedom and choice of materials. Your specific desires and requirements can be incorporated in the cast pieces.


CIREX’s activities are spread across three locations. In addition to the headquarters in the Netherlands (Almelo), there are two locations in the Czech Republic (Koprivnice). Altogether, approximately 280 people are employed at our organisation.

CIREX Foundry NL

At the knowledge centre and headquarters in Almelo, a team of specialist engineers, product developers, metallurgists …

CIREX Foundry CZ

cirex feingiesserei tschechien

For the production of smaller series of complex steel components, CIREX has set up a modern lost- wax model foundry in the Czech Republic …

CIREX Finishing CZ

cirex veredelung bearbeitung tschechien

The cast components from the foundries in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are finished at this location according to the customer-specific …

CIREX Finishing SK

cirex slovakia finishing

The cast components from the foundries in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are finished at this location in Slovakia according to …

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This production method is also known as precision casting and is one of the oldest casting techniques. It is often utilized because it has the following advantages:

  • Complex shapes can be cast as a single component;
  • Products with undercuts can be cast;
  • Machining costs are significant reduced;
  • A draft angle is not required;
  • Precise tolerances are achieved;
  • Surface quality is extremely high;
  • Last but not least, almost any steel alloy can be cast

Surface quality and Dimension & Tolerance

One of the characteristics of lost wax castings is the low roughness values ​​and very precise tolerances. These characteristics are decisive for the customer’s choice of this type of casting.

Oppervlakte kwaliteit CIREX

Surface quality investment castings

The roughness of CIREX precision castings varies from Ra 1.6 tot 6.3 µm, depending on the steel alloy used. This low roughness means that an additional processing is often not needed. That can result in considerable cost savings for you. However, if lower roughness values still are required then an extra surface treatment may be necessary, such as electrolytic polishing …

Dimensions & tolerances investment casting products

Precise dimensioning characterises the lost-wax method. Extremely precise tolerances often make a design needlessly expensive. With our decades of knowledge and experience we can save you costs by determining the best dimensioning in consultation with you. The final result? Optimal use of our casting process.

The tolerances for “lost wax model” castings are established in an international norm: VDG P690. CIREX produces according to this norm, such that class D1 is considered the standard.

  • Class D1: Standard tolerances
  • Class D2: Precise tolerances
  • Class D3: Extremely precise tolerances, feasible for a limited number of dimensions and/or surfaces.

The production process at CIREX is highly automated. This results in decreased process spread. Because of our human-independent production, the casting process is extremely consistent. This allows CIREX to produce cast pieces more precisely than international standards require.


CIREX is your reliable partner in the field of lost wax casting. We highly value a good client relationship, which largely determines the success of a project. In good cooperation with you as our customer, we would like to act as a development partner, sharing our thoughts and ideas about product design, material choice, measurements or any necessary machining. All of this is matched exactly to your needs and wishes. The goal is to achieve an optimal casting through joint dialogue. CIREX is your partner when it comes to successful castings!