For the aviation industry, CIREX produces various high-value cast pieces. This industry is characterised by extremely stringent requirements with respect to product quality, process stability and certification.

Products in the aviation industry are often heavily stressed. During take off, landing and flying, they are subject to substantial, often varying loads, and large temperature differences. Product design and process choice play an important role in safeguarding the safety of travellers and goods. During the development of aviation components, we always perform a casting and solidification simulation. This facilitates the development of a high-quality product that can also be produced robustly. And because we work closely with your technicians, you can be certain of a high-value cast piece without technical imperfections.

17-4PH (1.4549) is an alloy that is often used in aviation. This material is characterised by high tensile strength and elasticity combined with great hardness (wear resistance) and resistance to corrosion. The most distinguishing property is the possibility to construct using thin wall thicknesses. This keeps the product's weight low without making concessions to the strength of the design. With our years of experience in the aviation industry, we will be happy to assist you in the development and production of your cast pieces.

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