Petrochemical industry

CIREX develops and produces various cast pieces for the petrochemical industry. This industry is characterised by the use of steel alloys that combine high hardness with a good ability to withstand corrosion and heat. This not only makes these components highly durable, but also suitable for long-term exposure to high temperatures (furnaces) or caustic environments (petrochemical processes).

The ‘lost wax’ method makes it possible to cast components in various heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant steel alloys. Because of the high degree of dimensioning precision and freedom of design, mechanical processing of the cast pieces is often not required. As it is often quite difficult to cast processing components in a heat-resistant and/or corrosion-resistant steel alloy, this results in considerable cost savings.

Thanks to our years of experience in the petrochemical industry, we can support you in the development of your cast pieces that are suitable for use in various stages of the petrochemical process. In addition, CIREX can save you time and effort by delivering a product that is ready to build in.