Pumping & fluid technology

CIREX has years of experience in delivering cast pieces that are used in pump and fluid technologies. For these industries, CIREX provides pump components such as impellers and pump housings, shut-off valves and components for hydraulic drivetrains in various high-value steel alloys.

This industry is characterised by stringent requirements on product quality and the materials used. In the pump and fluids industry, cast pieces are exposed to various media. These can be corrosive to a greater (acids) or lesser (hydraulics) extent. Therefore, a good choice of material is extremely important for the quality of the product. Our solid metallurgical knowledge means we can advise you well so that you always choose the right steel alloy.

The ‘lost wax’ method is extremely suitable for casting products with a complex geometry and low roughness values. The freedom of design in our casting process makes it possible to construct cast pieces with smooth transitions so that fluid flows are optimal. Due to the low roughness values, bacterial growth and contamination are counteracted as much as possible. In addition, our casting process offers significant freedom in the choice of material, such that nearly every steel alloy can be cast. To prevent corrosion, deposition and bacterial growth, customers generally choose stainless steel such as AISI 304, AISI 316 or AISI 316L.