Dimensions & tolerances

The lost wax model of casting is characterised by precise dimensioning. With our experience and knowledge, we can provide you with professional recommendations concerning feasible tolerances. Often, extremely precise tolerances make a design needlessly expensive. To prevent this, we are glad to determine the best dimensioning together with our customers. The final result? Optimal use of our casting process.


The tolerances for “lost wax model” castings are established in an international norm: VDG P690. CIREX produces according to this norm, such that class D1 is considered the standard.

  • Class D1: Standard tolerances
  • Class D2: Precise tolerances
  • Class D3: Extremely precise tolerances, feasible for a limited number of dimensions and/or surfaces.

The production process at CIREX is highly automated. This results in decreased process spread. Because of our human-independent production, the casting process is extremely consistent. This allows CIREX to produce cast pieces more precisely than international standards require.

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