CIREX at jet-net career days east at the University of Twente

On 10 and 11 November 2015, students from regional secondary schools visited the CIREX information booth. They were given information about the possibilities and limitations of the lost wax casting process. The students also made castings themselves.

Jet-Net is the (Dutch) abbreviation for ‘Youth and Technology Network in the Netherlands ‘. An information market was organised at the University of Twente in cooperation with the Techniekpact Twente. The largest ‘high-tech’ companies in Twente were represented here. Students from upper school classes could become acquainted with various companies and obtain information about products and manufacturing processes.

It was busy at the CIREX stand on both days. Erwin ter Woord, who works in the wax department, explained the various steps of the casting process. In addition to various steel components, ceramic forms and steel forms were also present at the stand. And there was also practice along with the theory: Engineer Theo Teklenburg supervised four workstations where a plastic commemorative medal was cast using a matrix. With help from Theo and Richard Roelofsen, most of the students succeed in taking home a colourful medallion they had made themselves. Considering the enthusiastic responses from the participants, we presume that much was learned about our casting process and about the education required to come to work at CIREX.

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