Next Chiron Machine in operation at CIREX Finishing & Machining CZ

Once again, CIREX has expanded its processing capacity at the location in the Czech Republic. A new Chiron processing centre was installed at the end of October 2015. With this extra machine, 3000 steel components can be processed each day.

Precision casting is characterised by a high degree of design freedom and extremely precise dimensioning. The production process in the casting facility in Almelo is completely automated. This allows process spread to be reduced to a minimum: even small tolerances can be achieved in the cast pieces. The casting process also guarantees a high degree of dimensional consistency. Steel components cast by CIREX are extremely precise. If post-processing is nonetheless required, the added treatment is minimised on the surfaces to be finished. This keeps processing cycle times short and costs low.

After the highly automated casting process in Almelo, the products are finished in the Czech Republic. Blasting, sawing, sanding, heat treatment, finishing and final inspections are performed in the CIREX facility in Koprivnice. The new finishing machine has been commissioned in this location. Because of this expansion of capacity, we can guarantee our international customer base that all orders will e delivered on time in the future as well.

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