Chain securing system

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Technical specifications


75 – 150 grams
Refining & blasting


This part is used to secure the end of a link chain. The chain link profile is pre-cast into both halves, so the chain is enclosed in a tightly fitting form.


  • Product consists of a complex design
  • Minimal post-processing required because the link shape is pre-cast
  • By using high-quality steel alloy, the product satisfies all safety requirements

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

The lost wax method is distinguished by a high degree of freedom of design. This allows the link shape of a chain to be cast in steel without post-processing. The product consists of a complex shape that can be easily produced in series. The final piece of chain link is cast in a steel alloy characterised by a combination of high tensile strength and elasticity. Our high degree of process stability guarantees the customer that all of the safety components delivered satisfy the requirements set.