Door closure system

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Technical specifications


C45 / GS60
90 – 210 grams
Shotblasting & annealing


Both components are used in electrical door-closing systems. Cast in steel in order to be burglarly-resistant and hard to break when a high force is applied. The products are used primarily in situations where security must be guaranteed: e.g., petrol stations and prisons.


  • Products are delivered ready for use
  • Components are cast in steel to be burglarly proof
  • High degree of precision; dimensional accuracy makes machining unnecessary

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

The lost wax method makes it possible to design and cast products with complex geometries. The products are designed in such a way that the electronics can be installed easily. The precise tolerances that can be achieved with our process avoids the need of machining. The parts for the door closure system are cast in a steel alloy characterised by a combination of high toughness and hardness. This enables it to withstand high forces when used. The castings are delivered heat treated (annealing) and ready for use.