Fuelsystem Adaptor

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Technical Specifications

DIN – 1.4309 (AISI 304L)
– GX2CrNi19-11
– 80 – 200 gram
– Shotblasting


For making the connection between oil- or fueltubes special designed stainless steel joints are needed. With an optimised design these joints do not only connect the pipes but can mount the  piping on the engine as well. For a compact engine design the assembly flange can be integrated in the casting as well.


  • No corrosion due to choice for a stainless steel alloy
  • Brazed connections do not need additional machining
  • The cast surface guarantees a perfect connection by brazing
  • Costreduction because complex geometrie does not require any machining

Advantage of the Cirex casting process

By using the freedom of design that the ‘investment casting’-technology is offering these kind of  complex shaped parts can be designed as a one piece casting. The choice of steelalloy is determined by the preferred connection technique needed (mostly the pipes are brazed) and the composition & pressure of the pumped medium (oil, gasoline or diesel). A smooth and homogenuous surface is not only needed at the innerside for the passing medium, but on the outside as well – especially if this component cis visual at the outside of the engine. To improve the ability to absorb shocks and vibrations of the engine the connection joint can be reinforded on the locations where needed. The dimensional accuracy of the process and the smooth surface of the casting guarantee a proper brazing connection without the need for machining. An additional surfacte treatment is not needed due to the choice for a corrosion resistant steelalloy.