Knitting mechanism

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Technical specifications


1.7131 (SAE 5115)
300 – 400 grams
Induction hardening & blasting


Both cast pieces are built into the tying device in a straw baler. It is both a bearing mount for a spring pressure plate and also a holder for a guide horn.


  • Huge cost-savings achieved
  • Minimal mechanical post-processing required
  • Product is delivered ready to be built in, including induction hardening

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

The lost wax method enables the construction of complex components, allowing many functionalities to be integrated into a single design. The product was constructed in such a way that two separate components (the bearing mount and the horn) could be transposed into a single piece. This results in huge cost-savings due to low material costs, minimum post-processing and extremely limited assembly work. The component is heat-treated by means of induction hardening. This allows for the realisation of greater surface hardness in a focused way, at particular places, while the product’s core remains tough and elastic. This guarantees a long lifespan and high product quality.