Oilsupply bend

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Technical specifications


1.7231 (SAE4140)
130 grams
Shotblasting & assembly


Strong, thin-walled component that transports oil between two parts of a transmission.


  • No machining required
  • Product is delivered ‘ready for use’
  • No frictional loss due to smooth surface
  • Assembly flange integrated into product design

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

Inside of the bend has a smooth transition so that the flow of oil is not hindered. Assembly flange is cast along with the rest. This saves an extra stamped part that would have to be welded to the bend. The design freedom of the casting process is used optimally here. No frictional losses due to low roughness of the cast surface in the oil channel and smooth transitions. Assembly hole and grooves for O-rings are cast along with this, so no extra machining is required (cost reduction).