Torque wrench

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Technical specifications


G 105WCr6
20 grams
Restorative carburising & soft annealing


This component is used to configure the torque on a torque wrench.


  • Wear-resistant steel alloy
  • Minimal post-processing required
  • Big savings in material costs

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

Because of the great degree of freedom that our process offers, it is possible to cast a product with a complex geometry in alloys that are very difficult to process. Processability is extremely difficult because of the steel alloy’s hardness. The product’s dimensioning is also extremely precise. Our casting process can achieve the product’s high degree of dimensional accuracy. With this, mechanical processing is minimal, resulting in low processing costs. The high degree of surface quality is important so that the component’s cam transitions smoothly to the next position, allowing the torque to be configured precisely.