Transport wheel

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Technical specifications


1.4549 (17-4PH)
200 – 2.200 grams


The transport wheel is used to drive a metal conveyor belt. These metal belts are used mainly in bakery machines to transport bread through hot baking ovens.


  • Heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant steel alloy
  • The transport wheel satisfies strict hygiene guidelines
  • Huge cost-savings achieved by casting the product
  • Thin wall thicknesses can be cast with steel alloy 17-4PH

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

Significant cost savings were achieved by transposing mechanical processing of the product into casting. Technically, a challenging product to cast. This is because of possible premature coagulation on the teeth of the transport wheel. The material 17-4PH was selected because it flows easily, countering premature coagulation. The 17-4PH alloy is also rust-resistant, so that no corrosion occurs after cleaning. This allows it to comply with strict hygienic requirements. The transport wheel can withstand high temperatures and is delivered ready to be built in. The product has a high degree of dimension precision, so that the teeth align properly in the metal belt. This guarantees a long lifespan.