Heat exchanger

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Technical specifications


250 grams
Blasting & laser engraving


This component is used in petrochemical installations, in a heat exchanger in which plastics are cracked. The flange is given pre-cast holes in which tubes are soldered. The medium is then pumped through the tubes. A large contact surface provides cooling or heating with limited space for building in.


  • Smooth surface
  • Heat-resistant steel alloy
  • No post-processing required
  • Laser engraving for traceability of all components in an installation

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

Our casting process enables casting alloys that are extremely heat-resistant. Because of the precise tolerances, post-processing of the products is not necessary. Since heat-resistant steels are often difficult to process, this results in considerable cost savings. Products are given a batch number by means of laser engraving. This safeguards the traceability of the components throughout the entire lifecycle of the installation. If so desired, the products can be delivered with a material certificate.