Wheelchair frame components

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Technical specifications


1.5919 (SAE 3115)
180 grams
Shotblasting & machining


This component is used as a connecting element for assembling a wheelchair’s frame parts. Various profiles are slid  onto the pipe-shaped ends and then screwed on tight or welded. By using a cast steel piece, the wheelchair’s strength is guaranteed under all conditions.


  • Strong, scratch-resistant steel alloy
  • All product functionalities are incorporated into a single casting
  • Despite complex form, no mechanical post-processing required
  • Product is constructed to be as light as possible without making concessions in product strength

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

Complex form can be cast in a single run, allowing for significant cost-savings. Dimensional accuracy is guaranteed by our casting process, yielding a perfect fit for the profiles every time. Holes for the bolts are pre-cast into the product, so no mechanical post-processing is necessary. The selection of steel casting was intentional. This makes it possible to make structures as light as possible, with maximum frame strength.