Wire clamp plate and wheel

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Technical specifications


1.5919 (SAE3115)
200-300 grams
Blasting & hardening


These components are built into the tying device in a straw baler. Together with the clamping wheel, the wire clamp plate ensures proper positioning of the string when tying up bales of straw.


  • No post-processing required
  • Huge cost-savings achieved by transforming the structure of the product into a casting
  • High wear-resistance of the product is guaranteed by heat treatment

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

The design freedom of the casting process enables the construction of complex products. This allows the eccentric form of the wire clamp plate to be cast easily in series. Significant cost-savings are achieved by re-constructing the wire clamp plate from being a machined piece to being a cast piece. The balers’ knot-tying units are subject to friction from the string, which causes wear. To counter this wear, the product is hardened, making it wear-resistant while in use. The customer himself takes care of the assembly of these components.