For general industry, we develop and produce cast pieces in all types of steel alloy according to the ‘lost wax’ method or ‘precision casting’. These industries are characterised by a demand for steel components designed with complexity in average series of between 100 and 50,000 pieces per year. CIREX cast pieces are developed in the Netherlands and produced in our factories in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Besides the production of cast pieces of approximately fist size, we can also cast larger components of up to 30 kg in steel.

For general industry, our engineers function as an extension of your organisation in the development of precision casting. By always considering whether things can be done ‘technically better, differently, cheaper and/or more simply’, we arrive at the best solution at competitive rates. We will be happy to share our technical casting knowledge with you in order to design an optimum cast piece. Together with you we will ensure that the design meets the functional requirements and can also be produced well and with stability in larger quantities. Furthermore, we can avoid unnecessary production steps by thinking smartly with you. This ensures that you get a good product at the lowest possible price.

CIREX delivers precision casting to customers in the following industries: