Prototyping suitable for serial production!

CIREX uses several prototyping techniques for steel parts, tailored to individual client demands. Our expert team has ample experience in the production of prototypes for various industries and applications.

Delivery in 3 to 4 weeks!

A prototype should be more than just a replica of your component or 3D model. It must be able to easily withstand functional tests, through which requirements such as tensile strength, hardness and shape retention can be validated properly. A good and functional prototype is a fundamental step to reach a successful transition from concept or prototype phase to serial production. CIREX delivers your “Form – Fit – Function” prototypes in 3 to 4 weeks!


Prototyping is a collective term that encompasses various techniques that allow for the easy production of physical prototypes. CIREX uses prototyping and offers the possibility to easily convert your 3D design into a physical 3D model. The prototyping process used by CIREX is aimed at individual client requirements, with the ultimate goal of starting batch production.


CIREX can convert a 3D design into a steel prototype at short notice. By using prototyping, adjustments to …


The choice of the most effective prototype process is determined by the desired mechanical properties that the final component must meet and the tests that it must pass …


CIREX can use various techniques to create 3D models for the production of prototyping casts. Depending on the prototyping technique …

Get the most out of your prototypes!

One of the most important – and often underappreciated – steps in the prototyping process is to involve your supplier as early in the design process as possible. You preferably want a prototype design with optimal manufacturability. The best way to achieve this is to call in experts who are familiar with prototyping and the lost-wax process.

An expert team of CIREX engineers will meticulously guide your project and advise on the best options of Rapid Prototyping for your specific application. In just a few weeks, your ideas, insights and innovations can be converted into tangible models. This helps speed up your development process significantly. This approach also prevents unnecessary setbacks and design errors in the later stages of the production process.

CIREX will gladly help you with:

  • Engineering of your product (function and manufacturability);
  • Preparation of the digital 3D models;
  • Selecting the most suitable 3D prototyping technique;
  • Advice on choice of material;
  • Production of 3D prototypes;
  • Delivery within 3 to 4 weeks;
  • Technical evaluation and optimisation.