CIREX can also cast prototypes based on a 3D model printed from polymethyl methacrylate, or PMMA. These models pass through the same steps as the regular lost-wax process.


An advantage of producing prototypes with PMMA is that the associated printing technique can create larger 3D models than the technique using PLA, for example. The prototypes made using PMMA models have a higher surface roughness than the wax model prototypes and a lower surface roughness than the PLA model prototypes. Read more about the technique that uses PMMA here:

Characteristic properties

  • Higher surface roughness compared to wax
  • Lower dimensional accuracy compared to wax
  • PMMA models can be printed in larger dimensions than wax or PLA models
  • PMMA models are cheaper than 3D-printed wax models
  • Suitable for production of small numbers of prototypes, which is suitable for setting up batch production