Besides the casting of steel prototypes from wax or plastic models, CIREX can also produce prototypes using Direct Metal Laser Sintering, or DMLS. DMLS is a technique that is used to produce a prototype by sintering metal.

Metal powder particles are fused using a powerful laser. In this technique, the model is built up layer by layer. Each layer starts by applying a metal powder across the entire build surface. A laser is then used to fuse the powder, which creates a layer of the product. This process is repeated until the product is completed.

With DMLS printing, the particles are not completely melted, which means that the product remains somewhat porous. These porous products are less resilient than cast parts. DMLS prototypes are useful for analyzing and testing the products in terms of geometry and functionality. As CIREX collaborates with various partners to produce DMLS prototypes, we can guarantee short delivery times, even for large batches.


  • Only for testing geometry and functionality of prototypes
  • Low surface roughness
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • 3D models can be larger than is possible with wax printing
  • Relatively expensive process
  • Suitable for production of small numbers
  • Shorter delivery time thanks to collaboration with partners