Prototype mold

If you are looking for a prototyping process to produce a large number of parts with identical dimensions, tolerances, and mechanical and physical properties as your final component, then a prototype wax injection mold is most likely your best option. CIREX uses injected wax models based on a 3D design. Investing in a wax injection mold raises the start-up costs, but prototypes can be produced at a lower cost.

Using a wax injection mold is considered to be the normal process for creating wax models. The prototype mold consists of a single piece and allows for a quick and reliable production of the first products. After delivery, we receive feedback from the client about whether the product design requires any optimizations.

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One of the main advantages of this technique is that the same wax is used as in the normal process. As a result, the costs of producing 3D models in large numbers are relatively low. In addition, this process has a high dimensional accuracy and low surface roughness. However, it requires initial investment costs to produce a prototype mold.

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  • Low surface roughness
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Any desired dimensions can be injected using a mold
  • Relatively low costs of production for larger numbers
  • Suitable for production of large prototype numbers
  • Requires investment in mold
  • Longer delivery times