Orientation phase

Go/no-go within a week

Within a few days of receiving your request for a quote, CIREX provides you with clarity about the technical feasibility and associated price level of the components to be produced. The question: “how can a component be cast at a competitive price?” is paramount in this phase. You do not need any knowledge of the casting process yourself. We will be pleased to provide you with advice about the technical and financial aspects of a design.

Technical feasibility

In the orientation phase, we look at the technical feasibility and the price level. Based on your design and the technical specifications, the most suitable production method is considered for producing a steel component. For example, our engineers look at tolerances, dimensioning, castability, the most suitable steel alloy and the need for any possible post-processing.

CIREX Optimised

The design drawing can be optimised in consultation with you. We call this “CIREX Optimised”. In this phase, the design is adapted so that the various process steps in the production process can be used optimally. A robust design arises in which all the benefits offered by the lost wax method are fully exploited.

Target price is determined

You receive a price indication for each design so that you know exactly what costs you face. This target price enables you to determine at an early stage whether the project is economically feasible and whether your final product can be achieved at competitive prices.

The earlier you involve us in your design, the more possibilities there are for optimising it. This will reduce the costs once the component has to be produced in series.

Other production techniques

Another outcome of this phase may be that the CIREX production method, the lost wax method, is not the best way to produce your product. In that case we will advise selecting a different production method that gives more technical or financial benefits. We can support you in this step, as thanks to our large network of production companies we can often refer you to the appropriate supplier.