Your product ready immediately for series production

Experience shows that customers do not always benefit from (rapid) prototype components. As soon as a prototype component has been approved, starting up (pre-) series production proves to be difficult. This is because the choice of the final mass production process was not considered carefully enough. This is expensive in terms of time and money.

By involving CIREX in the development of a new component at an early stage, this problem can be prevented. We do not develop prototypes, we develop pre-series products. These are the first physical products manufactured on the basis of a design or concept. We developed pre-series products in such a way that they are suited directly to production in series in greater quantities. This way, you do not run the risk that a final product functions perfectly in theory but that, in practice, it cannot be manufactured in series at a reasonable cost. This gives you certainty and reliability and prevents financial disappointment.

Pre-series products

Before CIREX start series production of a product, several pre-series products are made first. These are the first products cast on the basis of a product design. These components are delivered to the customer for evaluation. The customer can test the product for functionality, dimensions, strength and various other important parameters. Based on these findings and in consultation with CIREX engineers, technical adjustments and optimisations can still be implemented.

If it turns out that a customer must implement technical adjustments to the product, this is usually not a problem. Sometimes, a dimension or product shape needs to be changed. These adjustments can be achieved easily by means of changes in the pre-series matrix. The advantage of this is that the costs are relatively low. Especially compared to other production methods such as MIM, sintering or forging and punching.

Once the pre-series products have been tested and evaluated by the customer and, if so desired, by the CIREX technicians, series production can be started after release.