Bit Holder

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Technical Specifications

DIN: 1.0401
450 grams
Processing & coating


The part is used in professional tools to clamp SDS drills and chisels. So the selected steel alloy must be strog, shock-resistant and wear-resistant.


  • Heat-resistant and wear-resistant steel alloy
  • Minimal post-processing required
  • Big savings in material costs

Advantage of the Cirex casting process

This part is designed as ‘Near Net Shape’ (NNS), allowing the cast piece to be done with only minimal post-processing. The product is constructed with thin wall thicknesses in order to achieve the greatest possible weight savings without making concessions in strength. This safeguards optimum functionality. CIREX provides you with a product ready to be built in, including post-processing, heat treatment and provided with a black surface coating.