Tying Hook

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Technical Specifications

DIN – 1.4059 (ASTM A473)
– GX22CrNi17
– 230 grams
– Shotblasting & annealing


This cast piece is installed in the tying equipment in a straw baler. The tongue of the product holds the string for proper placement when tying bales of straw.


  • Product is delivered ready to be built in
  • Huge cost-savings achieved by casting the product
  • High degree of dimensional accuracy makes post-processing unnecessary

Advantage of the CIrex casting process

The lost wax method makes the development of complete ‘Near Net Shape’ products possible. In this manner, the most remarkable product shapes can be created without making concessions in either functionality or strength. By casting the tying hook in a single go, huge savings in material and processing are achieved. The high degree of dimensional accuracy makes post-processing unnecessary and guarantees a low price level. The cast piece is heat-treated by means of soft annealing. This improves the material structure of the cast piece, resulting in a longer lifespan for the product.