Rotor & stator

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Technical specifications


1.4549 (Duplex 17-4 PH)
35 – 2.750 grams
Hardening & processing


This rotor and stator are used to drive a drilling system for drilling for oil and gas at great depths.


  • Corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant steel alloy
  • Material 17-4PH – suitable for extremely thin walls
  • All blades are cast, with only post-processing on the outside diameter
  • Product ready to be built-in, including precipitation hardening and mechanical post-processing

Advantage of the CIREX casting process

The design freedom makes it possible to cast ‘Near Net Shape’ products. This allows for the obviation of complex finishing steps. This provides considerable cost savings in terms of processing and materials. Because of the precise casting process, the dimensioning of the thin-walled wings can be achieved easily. CIREX engineers developed a solid anchoring product so that it is suitable for mass production in large series. Cast in RVS304 because of the required rust-resistance and high heat-resistance. CIREX performs only minimal post-processing on the product. The components are delivered ready to be built-in.